"I like that there is almost nothing with the body that she isn’t able to help with.
I always get great results and the treatments are extremely relaxing for me."


"My kiddos have had a bad case of the flu for five days now. It’s been so up and down. I never thought to have acupressure done and Sarah reached out. They are feeling great and used the bathroom for the first time in days right after she left. Looks like we are climbing uphill! Thanks for your help!!"


I have been getting acupuncture for several months due to an accident I was involved in.... there was several things that I was told would never be the same. However Sarah has done tremendous work thru acupuncture. She is very professional and compassionate. I highly recommend her and her services.


I’ve been seeing Sarah for about a year now and she has been amazing. Cured my month long sprained finger in one treatment, and my chronic shoulder pain has nearly disappeared! 

I’m currently 5 months pregnant, and it’s been a difficult one but I couldn’t get through this without her. She not only addresses whatever weird thing my body decides to throw at me next (and with immediate results I might add), but she gives me great advice for when baby arrives, and how to prepare my body for this incredible thing it is going through. She is a wealth of knowledge, and I feel lucky to have met her!


"I had my right arm amputated in March and was suffering from phantom pain.  I've been coming to Sarah for a few months and my phantom pain is gone.  She has also helped pain in my left arm and hand, my shoulders, knees and back!  I highly recommend her, and plan to return for "touch-ups" as needed.


"I highly recommend Sarah! My initial visit with Practical Acupuncture and Apothecary was for some nerve pain in my foot. A couple treatments of Acupuncture, and the pain is gone. Yesterday, I visited with complaints of sinus headache, sneezing, congestion, and stress/anxiety. I realized while sitting at dinner last night...all of those symptoms are gone! I’m a believer! Thank you Sarah!"


Recently I had a fall and hurt my shoulder. I went to Sarah for acupuncture to help with my recovery. While she was working on healing my aching shoulder, she also treated me for insomnia. Wow! Not only is my shoulder healing rapidly, this morning realized I am actually sleeping through the night now! It is so nice to wake up refreshed. It’s a terrible thing to wake up each morning feeling exhausted, and I feel so much better now. 

Sarah is now creating a custom herb mix to help me with stress and metabolism. I am very excited to add this level of wellness to my daily routine. I highly recommend Sarah! She is so knowledgable about her practice, and she will take great care to help you get back on track to a healthy life. Thank you Sarah for helping me!


"I've been to Sarah twice with arthritic feet, sugar cravings, and back pain. She's been so helpful! She explains what she is doing, is kind, and very knowledgeable! I'll definitely be back!"


 "I've been seeing Sarah for the last few months to get acupuncture and herbs.  She has been treating me for various symptoms caused by a car accident I was involved in.  Since seeing Sarah my tinnitus and pain have decreased, my memory has improved and my hair is thicker and shinier.  I have more energy, and clearer thoughts.  All of the staff are kind and Sarah has a wonderful bedside manner.  I have recommended Sarah to my friends and family and would do so again."


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